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The killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis was the catalyst for worldwide protests, and the neighboring state of Wisconsin was no exemption. People from all ages and ethnicities led by young black men and women congregated at the capitol to voice their frustrations about a system that has led to the wrongful death of many black citizens at the hands of the police. Calling for an abolition of the police, the group numbering into the thousands proceeded to take to the streets behind banners stating “Black Lives Matter” and “Community Control Over Police”. Even in the midst of a global pandemic, nothing could stop these people from joining the fight for equality. Names of black people slain by the police echoed in the air. George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Trayvon Martin. For every name chanted, there are thousands more that we do not know.

The fight did not end there. Nearly every day since the initial protest on May 30, groups have been out on the streets fighting for black lives and the black community. Groups like Black Umbrella, Link Madison, Urban Triage, Freedom Inc, and Impact Demand continually organize events such as marches, educational seminars, and even parties for the benefit and joy of the community. Even without the news coverage or the acknowledgement of the general public, people are still in the streets till this day, several months after the initial catalyst.

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