None Want Masters

Mixed Media

24" x  30"




I make artwork that’s filed with rich dense spaces. These spaces coalesce into vibrant worlds where I often play out moral, political or philosophical fantasies using calligraphic gestures that feel vaguelycalligraphic. I often layerand then erase work I’ve spent hours producingsimply to capture the ghost of what came before. I tell stories. I tell stories within stories. I tell stories that are not always meant to be perceived by the viewer.These are my secret work. I always leave a morsel that viewerscan grab hold of be it a friendly gesture, appealing color, or familiarimagethat,like breadcrumbs,I hopeleadsthe viewer on a journey of discovery. I make overwhelming work because the world for me is overwhelming. Then from time to time,and as a respite from the noise,I paint over it all with a happy landscapewhichthinly masksthe cacophony just beneath the surface.

"None Want Masters" by Anthony Smith