Acrylic paint and acrylic medium on canvas





I am completely fascinated with how paper and canvas absorb pigment and layered washes. I love to experiment with collage, utilizing and playing with different mediums to create patterns through the use of line work and blending colors. I enjoy how it can change its consistency and how it manipulates itself to provide a fluid environment. Painting is my time to meditate; I paint intuitively, emotionally and I express my thoughts through creating color and texture.

I am intrigued with the study and language of the human figure. I love to draw and paint portraits, and pair these figures with inorganic abstracted backgrounds. Gustav Klimt’s artwork is completely inspiring and intriguing to me. I appreciate how he had abandoned historical subject matter and realism to approach his interest in creating decorative art. Klimt’s artwork pushed boundaries of radical ideas that presented an ethereal atmosphere with the use of abstraction, erotic drawings and fine detail. I strive to push those same boundaries with my work.

"Equivalence" by Megan Bloesch