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Group Exhibition

Saturday, May 1 – Friday, September 17, 2021


Thursday, August 12, 2021 | 5-7 PM


Thomas Ferrella

Thomas Ferrella is a Wisconsin-based artist who conceptualizes a piece or a body of work based on visual clues and their subsequent sensory perception. He speculates in a variety of artistic mediums, frequently commenting on and responding to social and environmental causes using truth as his guide. Photography has been the foundation though he willfully strays into music, video, painting, large scale installations, sculpting in wood and found objects. His art is as free as is his interpretation of the world. Everything is fair game.
Common threads exist though he considers them irrelevant. His aesthetic is a natural abstraction, a graphic documentation, a personal dialogue, an invitation to poetry.

Skinny Gaviar

Logic, symbolism, or any sort of message behind my work is not quite clear to me. The sequence, however, is very primitive: take a photo or use an old one, open it in photoshop and go ridiculous, load yourself up with caffeine, nicotine and alcohol, photoshop it a bit more and print it out. This very event chain usually takes as long as something between a couple of hours and a couple of years.

Sharon Kilfoy

Sharon Kilfoy, Director of the Williamson Street Art Center, is a local artist whose murals, fabric pieces, and other artworks are widely collected.

Sharon has extensive experience teaching art to & making art with, people of all ages and abilities. She has been a guest artist through numerous artist-in-residency programs in schools, neighborhood centers and communities throughout the Midwest and Mexico. Sharon specializes in bringing divergent people together through community art projects, which focus on shared aspects of history and culture.

Sandra Klingbeil

Sandra opened ExVoto Art & Design Studio in Medford, WI and currently resides in Madison. Having her first exhibitions at the age of 17, Sandra has participated in events and shows throughout the country and beyond selling work to private collectors.

Sandra's devotional portraits transpired in 2000, creating a new and very specific market. Esteemed juried shows accepted "Believe" and "Raphael, the Guardian" in 2003 and 2004. In 2005, "The Queen of All Hearts" (Jan/Feb Issue) and "The Black Madonna" (Sept/Oct Issue) were featured on the Queen of All Hearts magazine based in Bay Shore, NY. Also in 2005, she was commissioned by the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin for a work to be placed for auction and to be used for advertising for their fund-raising event held at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI. The painting was titled "An Angel Among Us."

Terry Talbot

Terry Talbot is a Wisconsin based fine art photographer and owner of Talbot Studio and Gallery. Terry has had work shown in over 40 solo and group exhibitions in galleries and art museums throughout Wisconsin and the Midwest.

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