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Our Process

Scope         Art Selection         Procurement         Framing         Installation         Impact


We believe every space should be as unique as the people that pass through its doors.  Assembling an art collection can be a daunting task. We're here to help make it simple and satisfying. You'll learn a little and have fun

along the way. 


We've partnered with healthcare and professional offices nationwide, and we start at square one every time. We sit down with you and discuss the nature of your work. We gain an understanding of the people and culture of your company. We talk about your goals so we can find art that inspires and meets your business outcomes.


Floor plans are studied and numbers are crunched. We do this to help you create a collection of artwork that reflects the spirit of the people that pass through your doors each day.  In order to ensure success, you'll have your own  private gallery  to determine your style preferences and customize a collection

to transform your environment. 


To show our genuine commitment, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. After a year, if you are not fully satisfied with the art collection, you may return the entire collection, or any part of it, for an exchange or refund of the value

of the pieces. 

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