Tia Richardson

We're all parts connected to a greater whole. I believe in the power of shared experience to create a sense of belonging and mutual appreciation for what each person can contribute to the bigger whole. The pieces in this exhibition are murals, many created by community members freely sharing their feelings about challenges, how to make those better, and how to get to a brighter future. Every individual has a unique perspective. As human beings we all have the same need to belong, feel accepted and participate as part of something bigger, whether its a social group, community, or society. Equity to me is each part having equal access to participate and contribute, so that the whole can better reflect and serve its parts. It's not picking and choosing the parts we like and then disrespecting the parts we don't like. That's why when I do community engagement for a mural I value each person's perspective equally as part of the design process, so the art can show multiple perspectives at once. Despite our differences, I have found that we can work together. When we work together towards a common goal it creates a collective sense of moving forward. The gift is seeing how everyone's voice contributes richness to the bigger picture. I believe creating is something natural to human beings, and by sharing that experience with others we can find a sense of respect and belonging that as human beings we all need.