Call for Artists

Are you an emerging or established artist?

Integrated Art Group curates art locally and nationally for healthcare facilities and corporate offices.

We are expanding our art portfolio. If you’re a talented artist we welcome you to submit your work.

Call for Artists: FROM HERE ON OUT

We are currently accepting entries for the virtual portion of "From Here On Out," a fundraising exhibition celebrating Black Lives and Black Artists. Submissions will be reviewed bi-weekly and new artists will be continuously added to the virtual exhibit through April, 2021. Submit Now >>>

Call for Minnesota Visual Artists

Integrated Art Group, is working with Essentia Health – Vision Northland to develop an engaging art collection that includes local artists while reflecting the values of Essentia Health.  Submit Now >>>

Call for Wisconsin Visual Artists

We are currently  seeking Wisconsin artists and community art groups for several exhibition opportunities in the Madison, WI area. Learn More >>>

Call for All Visual Artists

Integrated Art Group LLC seeks artists who have demonstrated ability to produce exceptional work. 2-D or 3-D artwork only please. We are not interested in digital or mechanical reproductions, including offset lithographs, giclee prints, iris prints, or Xerox transfers at this time. 

No references to violence, nudity, smoking, alcohol, political, sexual, or religious preference. Submit Now >>>

Traditional Postal Mail : 
Please observe the following guidelines when submitting works. 

•    CD-ROMs and DVDs must be viewable on a PC (NO SLIDES OR PHOTOGRAPHS)

Include the following information for each piece submitted:

•    Title
•    Image Size
•    Medium
•    Artists' wholesale price and retail price
•    Submit available work only
•    Images sent via e-mail must be low-resolution, RGB-type JPEG-format image files not exceeding 1500 pixel X 1500 pixels at 72 pixels per inch.
•    Please give us your contact info:
Name, Address, City, State, Zip code, Country, E-mail address, Web-site address
Phone numbers: Home, Work, and Cell 
•    Please include a resume, a biography or any other pertinent information.
•    If you would like your submitted materials returned to you, it must be specified and accompanied by a self-addressed envelope with sufficient return postage. NOTE: we are not responsible for the return of your materials if you do not include a SASE. We cannot return your submissions without your return postage. As we cannot accept any liability for original or irreplaceable artwork, we ask that you DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL ARTWORK. Please send duplicate/documentary materials only for 1st round of review.

Send all information to: Integrated Art Group

2345 Atwood Ave
Madison, WI 53704

608 709 1453 (p)